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Our Products:

Holden's Landing diapers are made with high quality fabrics, such as organic cotton fleece and bamboo organic velour.  Our prints are all 100% cotton wovens and/or knits. 

We offer 6 sizes: Newborn, Small, Medium, M/L (our most popular size), Toddler, and our newest size, Junior, for those older children who are still in diapers 
Size (Old style) Rise Weight Waist
Newborn ~12" up to 10 pounds 12" to 20"
Small ~15" 7-15 pounds 13"-20"
Medium ~16" 10-20 pounds 14" to 22"
M/L (Medium/Large) ~18" 15-30 pounds 15"-23"
Toddler ~20" 30 pounds and up 15.5"-27"
Junior ~23" up to 60+ pounds 16" - 27"

Size (New style) Rise Weight Waist
Newborn ~12" up to 10 pounds 12" to 22"
Small ~15" 7-15 pounds 13"-23"
Medium ~16" 10-20 pounds 14" to 24"
M/L (Medium/Large) ~18" 15-30 pounds 15"-26"
Toddler ~20" 30 pounds and up 15.5"-28"
Junior ~23" up to 60+ pounds 16" - 30"

* Waist measurement taken with diaper snapped on smallest snap setting, unstretched, to diaper snapped on largest setting, fully stretched
** Old style diapers have 2 rows of 4 snaps; new style diapers have longer wings with 2 rows of 5 snaps.

Our diapers are available as fitteds with print outers, natural or dyed organic cotton fleece or bamboo velour outers, and as AI2s with print outers, PUL outers and fleece outers.  Embroidery is available on all diapers (except print outers). Single small designs (under 10,000 stitches) are invoiced at $1/1000. Larger designs and 'Scapes (scenic diapers) are invoiced at $10 over base diaper price. I do not have a library of my embroidery designs as I have thousands of them; embroidery details are worked out via email.

Diaper pricing:
Fitteds & AIOs Nb/S M, M/L Toddler Junior
OBV or print outer $30 $32 $34 $38

PlayScapes, the AI2 or fitted version of our popular DreamScape line, are also available. For pricing, use your base AI2/fitted pricing, and add on $10.

BedBug pricing:
BedBugs Nb/S M, M/L Toddler Junior
OBV $32 $34 $36 $40
Fleece Outer/OC/OBV $32 $34 $36 $40
BedBug Plus $36 $38 $40 $44
DreamScapes - choose your fabric combo and size above (fleece not available) and add $10

Our BedBug and DreamScape night time diapers are specially designed with heavy wetters in mind.  Each consists of either an organic cotton fleece or bamboo velour outer, a bamboo velour or microfleece inner, and feature a  hidden layer of organic cotton fleece with a core of 1 1/2 layers of microfiber customized for a boy or a girl (gender neutral option is also available) for superior absorbency.  Each BedBug and DreamScape come complete with 2 lay in doublers (no snaps to get in the way of a good night's sleep!) with microfiber core for more absorbency. 
The BedBug Plus the even heavier wetter version of the classic BedBug Each BedBug Plus consists of an organic bamboo velour or organic cotton fleece outer, hidden layer of organic cotton fleece with a hidden 2 1/2 layer organic bamboo fleece core (customizable in front for boys, center for girls or front and center for gender neutral), and lined with your choice of organic bamboo velour or microfleece. Each BedBug Plus diaper comes with a 3 part soaker system - 2 contoured lay in soakers (place the wide ends both in front, both in back or on facign each way for more customization) and a mini, or half sized, lay in, for a total of 6 layers of organic cotton fleece, 3 layers of organic bamboo fleece and 3 layers of organic bamboo velour total.

BedBugs and the BedBug Plus are available with natural outers or dyed outers; embroidery is also available upon request.  DreamScapes and the DreamScape Plus are created to be "scenic" - each one is hand dyed and embroidered to create a scene.  Recent DreamScapes have included ocean, Arctic, water hole, bugs, garden, zoo/wild animals, koi pond and more.  Each DreamScape features at least 10,000 stitches of embroidery work/applique.

Wipe & Mit pricing
Mits & Wipes Size Pricing
Mini Mits 5"x4" $1.50
Mama Mits 6.5"x5" $2
Mini Wipes 5"x5.5" $1.50
Mama Wipes 6.5"x7" $2

Our Mits & Wipes are 2 layers, bamboo velour on one side and either organic cotton fleece, bamboo velour or a print on the other side. Wipes are rectangular in shape, sizing above; mits are half oval shape, open at the bottom to slip your hand into.

Other product pricing:
Other Products Plain Monogrammed/name embroidery Embroidered
Lovescapes $24 $26 $32
LoveScape Blankets (starting at) $45 $47 $65
SnuggleScapes $40 $42 $50 (add $5 for dolls/animals with arms)
Bamboo velour pillowcases $26 $28 $32

Our LoveScapes are the lovey version of our DreamScape diapers. Approximately 16”x16”, bamboo organic velour on both sides, dyed and embroidered on the front to create a scene just like our DreamScape and PlayScape diapers, all LoveSacpes are also finished with satin blanket binding on top. You may choose any theme you wish for your LoveScape, the only limit is your imagination!

Our LoveScape blankets are a larger version of the standard LoveScape. These can be made in any size you desire, and again with any theme you choose.

Our SnuggleScapes are a collaborative effort between Holden's Landing (blanket/embroidery) and Hillcountry Dollmaker (dolls/animals). Choose a color scheme, theme, or specific embroidery designs to create the scene for the 16" diamond blanket, then choose from one of Joyce's many dolls/animals to complete: boy, girl, fairy, pirate, mermaid, elf, princess, prince, cat, rabbit, bear, turtle, dragon, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Our bamboo velour pillowcases are the ultimate indulgence for a peaceful night’s sleep. Natural or dyed, embroidered or not, all of our pillowcases are finished with satin blanket binding (many colors available). Prices listed are for standard size pillowcases. King and Queen sizes also available; please email for price quotes.

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